Tailored Services

Command Five is available for consultation on all aspects of cyber security. You can benefit instantly from our specialist expertise and knowledge.

We are a listed ICT supplier on the Australian Government's Information and Communications Technology Multi-Use List (ICT MUL).

Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

IT Security Advice

We can provide both technical IT security advice and policy advice. We recommend adoption of an information centric approach to security whereby the most sensitive information is afforded the most protection.

Software Engineering

We can project manage a software development task from end-to-end, or slot into your existing operation. We have years of experience designing and building scalable, reliable, and secure solutions.

Intrusion Analysis

Our consultants can carry out a complete investigation to detect active intrusions, assess the damage caused by a recent security event, or determine cost effective ways to enhance resilience.

Software Reverse Engineering

Employ our reverse engineers to investigate malicious software, identify security vulnerabilities, assess how easily your application can be reverse engineered, or form part of your penetration testing team.